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March 2014
Interview with Karen Prior on the differences between prenatal yoga and regular yoga.
Yoga Chicago
March - April 2005
With this pregnancy, I’m also more empowered. Part of the reason is due to the prenatal yoga teacher training I’ve completed, Mamaste Yoga. Founded by Karen Prior
Yoga Journal
Many yoga teacher trainings only touch briefly on guidelines for working with pregnant students. If you want to teach prenatal classes,
New Orleans
December 2004
Spotlight on New Orleans Mamaste Yoga Instructor Kelly Panus.
News OK
Saturday, August 21, 2010
Dylan, now 6 months, never stops laughing, Siemers said. She’s a happy baby, as are most of the babies in Karen Prior’s Mamaste classes. Read more:
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Yoga Chicago article
Yoga Journal interview
Park Cities News (postnatal)
The Oklahoman (postnatal) (postnatal video)
Dallas CBS 11 (postnatal)
Dallas CBS 11 (postnatal video)
Physician Release Form
Basic Guidelines for Practicing Yoga in Pregnancy
Yoga During Your First Trimester
Routine One for First Trimester
Sample Yoga Class
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